This Nigerian Man Is Cycling With A Ball On His Head To Break A World Record


To a lot of Nigerians who constantly try to create and do more, the Guinness Book of World Records is a big deal!

Remember Cambodia-based Nigerian footballer, Harrison Chinedu? The same one we told you about when he broke the World Record for Farthest Distance Walked With A Ball On The Head?

Well, he’s decided to step up things this time by breaking another record for Longest Distance Travelled Riding A Bicycle With Ball On The Head.

This time, he cycled 64 miles with a ball on his head from La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort to the National Stadium, Surulere. He didn’t trip for once and he kept on maintaining pace as he juggled through the busy Lagos traffic, reports revealed.

And now, all we can do is ask “How” after seeing this, because, cycling on its own is already hard work believe me.

Well done Chinedu!